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Case Study #2 - Made by Design


 Margaret established a successful interior design studio more than 30 years ago. She has assembled a strong management team around her who have helped her grow her business to what it is today.

Margaret has two sons, neither of whom is interested in taking over the company. She has no idea what will become of her business and has therefore put off making any decisions.


 After helping Margaret consider her options, she decided to ask members of her management team whether they were interested in buying the company. Several members of management expressed great interest.

We held a series of facilitated meetings, first with all members of the management team, then only with those interested in purchasing the company. Several factors had to be considered before plans were put in place. For example, over what period of time could Margaret be bought out? How would value be determined? How would the management team finance the purchase? How would the management team work without Margaret at the helm?


Through a series of facilitated discussions along with independent legal, tax and financial advice, a plan was devised whereby Margaret would be bought out over a period of time, using the profits of the company.

Margaret moved to the position of Chair of the Board of Directors, and the management team and Margaret collectively selected a President to oversee the day-to-day affairs.